The local media hoarder, she is especially proud of her hoard of Misha pics (8995 at last count), but her hoard also contains a large quantity of movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc. Feel free to message her if interested in access to her hoard.


Located in rural southern Virginia in the United States. Though she shares the house with her son, her parents, her brother, and several non-family members (it's a busy house), it's on 22 acres of farm country with horses and lots of fluffy white dogs, and she's always up for a visit from PB folks (there's space to camp, if that's your thing). Or if you're in the area and want to grab food (especially pho!) she'd be extremely likely to say yes.

Current Project

She's currently planning a PB get together in or near Portland, Oregon. The dates are planned for October 2 to October 17, 2021 and it's planned to be an "open house" style event, so come and stay as long as you can! Message Vaesse for more details or to help with planning.

If this event goes well, she has an extended list of potential future locations and is willing to keep trying to make these happen every year or two.

Dream Fic(s)

Winchester Gospels

Vaesse has a dream of one day being able to read the books that Chuck Shirley wrote... the Winchester Gospels as it were. She reads incredibly quickly and loves the ability of books to draw attention to details she missed in the episode and get inside character's heads, since she tends to get distracted and miss LOTS of details when watching shows.

To this end, any attempts to novelize any portion of any episode would be met with significant enthusiasm and praise. As long as it remains canon complaint, creator head-canons, justifications for plot holes, and off-camera scenes are absolutely welcome.

Wounded Hero Trope

Outside of the Winchester Gospels, she loved this hurt/comfort trope so much that she was instrumental in creating the linked page. Within SPN, Destiel is her OTP, only squick is incest.

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