The story-time channel is a place for writers to live post stories as they create. It requires the Kinky role but not all stories need be of an explicit or mature nature.


A writer looking to start a story should start by listing all tags and ships in one message. An available mod will then pin that message. Therefore each person just has to look at the most recent pin to see triggers/pairings of the fic in progress.

A few of the current starts will remain pinned so people can use the pins as a convenient starting point for reading, and to check warnings before reading the fic. As with all of our channels outside of the multishipping role, this channel is for Destiel-centric/endgame Destiel stories. Please keep any explicit scenes involving other parties to a minimum and use the spoiler function on these scenes. No pairings involving RPS or incest will be allowed in story-time.

All stories created in the channel may be added to the AO3 collection.

Live Stories

Please check AO3 for each story's individual tags.

Authors are welcome to add their own story-time fics to the list, along with a link to the final posted product :)

Author Title Status
unforth Back to You WIP
rainbowskittles Hand kink Complete
jhoom Seaside Rendezvous Complete
nickelkeep Personal Quality Assurance Complete
nickelkeep More Than a Feeling Complete
Alessariel/Adaille Dragon Ta(i)le Complete
nickelkeep Like the Angel Complete
unforth Purgatory's Alpha Complete
nickelkeep Bring Me Healing Complete
shortgrainrice The Cliffs Complete
nickelkeep Some Pacific Wind Complete
jhoom Riptide Complete
supernatural9917 Eros Complete
nickelkeep Edge of Paradise Complete
nickelkeep Faithfully Complete
Imriss ask and you shall recieve Complete
Imriss Play Along Complete
Formidablepassion Retail Therapy Complete
unforth There's the Rub Complete
nickelkeep Nothing You Confess Complete
jhoom Untitled WIP
nickelkeep Paradise by the Dashboard Light Complete
nickelkeep What About Us? Complete
nickelkeep Stay With Me Complete
nickelkeep Something So Magic Complete
nickelkeep 'Cause My Monsters Are RealAnd These Monsters Can Fight Complete
nickelkeep Carry Me Home Complete
nickelkeep Like a Burning Flame Complete
nickelkeep To Confess Complete
nickelkeep Talk To Me Now Complete
unforth Payment Enough Complete
Imriss Play Along Complete
unforth Fancy Meeting You Here Complete
unforth Dreams of Dean Complete
nickelkeep Stuck in the Middle With You Complete
unforth Roommates and Idiots Complete
Imriss put your loving hand down, baby Complete
saltnhalo Chasing Storms Complete
nickelkeep What I Thought I Knew Complete
saltnhalo Sourdough and Shenanigans Complete
nickelkeep Slice of Your Pie Complete
Imriss In love with every stranger Complete
saltnhalo Out Of Bed Complete
nickelkeep Shiver Complete
nickelkeep Chandeliers of Hope Complete
Imriss A feather and a petal Complete
nickelkeep A Cold, Dark Winter's Night Complete
Imriss Domestic bunker Complete
nickelkeep You Make it Feel Like Christmas Complete
nickelkeep Auld Land Syne Complete
Imriss Mermen AU Complete
nickelkeep Tupelo Honey Complete
nickelkeep 'Til I Found Salvation Complete
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