Supernatural is a big fandom, with a lot of amazing creations, and what better way to celebrate these by giving them the love they deserve!

To achieve this goal the ProfoundBond Discord hosted the very first SPN Commentathon!

This fest aimed to get people out there and giving love to all the fan creations — some we may know and love and some we may be new to. More excitingly, just by being involved and giving these creations love you can go into the draw to win some amazing prizes!

The first round of Commentathon ran from 9-22nd July 2018.

Our FAQ is available for any questions you might have that we've already discussed. Feel free to contact us through our official tumblr if you have any additional questions or need further clarification.

Rules (2018)

Be Respectful

Please be mindful of commenting etiquette — any hate, negative or trolling comments will not be eligible and will result in disqualification from SPN Commentathon. We will be posting commenting information and guidelines on the SPN Commentathon blog — if you’re feeling nervous about commenting, anything will do! Even a little “I enjoyed this, thank you” will probably make a creators day.

Only Enter Comments in Fest Window

You do not have to have read the fics during the fest period — but you must leave your comment during the fest period. Any submissions before or after that window will be ineligible.
But 'please' tailor the comment to match the fic where possible. We want to discourage cookie cutter (or copy-paste) type comments as much as possible. It's understandable that there will be a few go-to's when you're unsure what to say, but they shouldn't all be the same or incredibly similar.

How to Play (2018)

  • The day Commentathon starts in your timezone (regardless if the submission link is yet available), you can start commenting.
  • Participants are on a hunt! We have given 67 hunt categories and it is your mission to find fics which meet the categories!
  • You will need 10 comments in ten 'different' categories for one submission/entry. That is ten different categories and one comment per category, per submission.
We already have a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your comments — though you’re welcome to record your fics in any way you see fit. To utilize our spreadsheet, go to 'File' > 'Make a Copy.' However, you will need to submit them via our application form. [The form will be made available during the fest time frame.]
  • You can enter as many times as you'd like. There is no cap.
  • If you manage to submit across all 67 categories, you will receive a bonus entry for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring more areas of the Supernatural fandom! How awesome is that!?
  • Most importantly: have fun, spread joy, be merry.

2018 Prizes

For every 10 comments, the entree was awarded a virtual ticket. This ticket will be entered in the raffle at the end of the comment-a-thon and four winners will be awarded an art commission (courtesy of icarusinflight and the artists).

1 x commission from Migglangelus

1 x commission from Foxymoley

1 x commission from The Friendly Pigeon

1 x commission from MissAceriee

The Hunt Categories

  1. Comment on a fic with 0 comments (be the very first commenter!)
  2. Comment on a fic with less than 10 comments
  3. Comment on a fic with less than 50 comments
  4. Comment on a fic less than 100 comments
  5. Comment on a fic with less than 50 kudos
  6. Comment on a fic with less than 100 kudos
  7. Comment on a fic with less than 500 kudos
  8. Comment on a fic published in 2018
  9. Comment on an event fic from 2018
  10. Comment on a mini bang fic
  11. Comment on a big bang fic
  12. Comment on a reverse bang fic
  13. Comment on a bingo fic
  14. Comment on a fic for any event besides a bang or bingo
  15. Comment on a WIP commenced in 2018
  16. Comment on a WIP commenced before 2018
  17. Comment on a fic less than 1k words
  18. Comment on a pairing you wouldn’t usually read (honesty here peeps)
  19. Comment on a femslash fic
  20. Comment on a fic with no relationships
  21. Comment on a fic with only friendship relationships
  22. Comment on a poly fic
  23. Comment on an author you haven't read before (to the best of your knowledge)
  24. Comment on an author with less than 5 fics in spn
  25. Comment on an author that has only published spn fic in 2018
  26. Comment on an art piece
  27. Comment on an art piece for a mini bang
  28. Comment on an art piece for a big bang
  29. Comment on an art piece for a bingo
  30. Comment on an art piece for any event besides a bang or bingo
  31. Comment on a podfic
  32. Comment on a fanvid
  33. Comment on a fic with a trope you wouldn’t usually read
  34. Comment on a fic less than 10k
  35. Comment on a fic 10-50k
  36. Comment on a fic 50-100k
  37. Comment on a fic 100k+
  38. Comment on a multi-chaptered fic
  39. Comment on a one-shot
  40. Comment on a collaboration fic (either art and fic, or multiple authors)
  41. Comment on a fic that is part of a series
  42. Comment on a gen fic
  43. Comment on a teen and up fic
  44. Comment on a mature fic
  45. Comment on an explicit fic
  46. Comment on a coda fic
  47. Comment on a canon fic
  48. Comment on a casefic
  49. Comment on a canon-divergent fic
  50. Comment on an Alternate Universe Fic
  51. Comment on a canon SPN AU fic (i.e. Endverse, Purgatory)
  52. Comment on a fusion fic (i.e. DC comics and SPN)
  53. Comment on a crossover fic
  54. Comment on a Demon!Dean Fic
  55. Comment on a wing!kink fic
  56. Comment on a fic which features Angel Grace
  57. Comment on an alternating POV fic
  58. Comment on an outsider POV fic
  59. Comment on a panty fic
  60. Comment on a djinn/dream fic
  61. Comment on a fic with a one-word title
  62. Comment on a fic with a title taken from a song or poem
  63. Comment on a fic tagged Major Character Death
  64. Comment on a fic primarily featuring any of the Wayward Sisters/Daughters
  65. Comment on a fic from a different time period than canon
  66. Comment on a fic posted on a different platform from your usual preference (tumblr, AO3, FFN, Wattpad, Dreamwidth, etc.)
  67. Comment on a fic translated from a different language


To upload a banner alongside your comment on ao3, please just copy and paste the html code below the banner you'd like to include (banners are set up to appear 1/4 of the size shown, this can be adjusted):


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We would like to thank the Drarry Disord, the Drarry Discord Comment-a-thon and TDCat for giving permission to use the comment-a-thon format. Many of these rules are taken (with permission) from their fest, and we would not have been able to do this without them.

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