• Don't Be A Jerk.
This is the servers Golden Rule. 
  • This is an adult only server.
You must 18 years old to participate here regardless of the age of majority in your country. The Discord server is hosted in the US and is subject to the laws of the US. If you're found out to be under 18 you will be kicked from the server and won't be allowed back until your 18th birthday.
  • This is an inclusive server. Absolutely no gatekeeping.
When a fan acts as "gatekeeper" to the fandom. For example: telling others they're not a true fan, what they are and aren't allowed to write, etc. This fandom is a family. This is a place for new fans and old fans. Fans of all genders, sexualities, and creeds. This is a big rule. Gatekeeping will receive one warning before a ban will be issued.
  • Treat all fellow members and all creators with respect.
This server is a place to make friends, not enemies. We can discuss and disagree civilly. If you can't you will be asked to take a step back. If you keep going you will receive a warning. This applies to all channels (even #salt-and-burn) and all public server run events.
  • All art must include a link to the source when posted in any channel.
If you don't know the source and want to post, feel free to post and ask for help finding the source. We have some amazing sleuths on the server.
  • Keep relevant chat to the correct channel.
Please refer to Channels for channel information. It is recommended to mute any channels you're not interested in, especially when you are new or are feeling stressed out.
  • Fest rules apply here.
This is considered a public venue. If it's against the rules of the fest/challenge you are participating in to share related artwork or writing publicly, that rule applies to our server also. The only exception is if you're participating in a PB server run fest/challenge (such as FlipFestyou may discuss your FlipFest related work in the #flipfest-artists and #flipfest-authors rooms).
Regarding off server fests: you may ask for non-specific help, but all challenge/fest spoilers are off limits. If you post work from an unrevealed fest or challenge it will be deleted and you will receive a warning. When in doubt, ask a mod to help interpret the fest rules if you're unsure. We're happy to help.
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