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|[[aleeliah]], [[thatpeculiarone]], [[LeafZelindor|leafzelindor]], [[TobyTheWise]], [[Kazshero]], [[Sunny]]
|[[aleeliah]], [[thatpeculiarone]], [[LeafZelindor|leafzelindor]], [[TobyTheWise]], [[Kazshero]], [[Sunny]], [[Jemariel]], [[PallasPerilous]]

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These are roles you can ask for while introducing yourself on the discord server for the first time. Roles give you access to certain channels in the server that you might not otherwise see. At any point after, you can ask for more or less roles. Some are very common and can just be asked for. Others can be added yourself, and a few are special roles that you may see on the server.

General Roles

These are general roles that you can get upon entering the server. They are all up for grabs and only require asking a mod for access.

Role Channel Access / Effects
SPN Fam general tag
Pronoun she/her, he/him, they/them
Writers #writer-cafe, #beta-cafe
Artists #artist-cafe
Editors #beta-cafe
Salty #salt-and-burn
Multishipper #multishipper, #notsafeformultishipping
Cockles #cockles
Kinky #notsafeforgeneral, #notsafefordestiel, #porn-for-all, #notsafeformultifandom, #hall-of-shame
Imps #hell
Active-Roles Fest/Challenge Roles Tagged 1-2x Monthly
Bot-Lover BiWeekly bot-stat challenge Request access in #cryptos-cubicle
PB100 Weekly one-word prompt Request role in #cryptos-cubicle
PB-Exchange Take part in the quarterly anonymous creation exchange Sign up during the open enrollment


These are roles you can add yourself at any point in time. Go into #cryptos-cubicle and enter the code that is relevant to what you're looking for. The roles can be added and removed at your own preference.

Role Channel Access / Effects Code
Pronoun she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/zir, use my name ?sheher, ?hehim, ?theythem
Timezone PST, MST, CST, EST, GMT, CET, AWST, AEST ?tz PST, ?tz MST, etc.
Sprinters tagged for sprints in #sprints ?sprinter
Podficcers tagged in #podfic-studio ?podficcer
Voicechatter tagged in #the-confessional ?voicechatter


These are roles you can only receive after meeting some requirement.

Roles Channel Access / Effects Requirement
Round Robin #profound-robin participation in current round robin
ProfoundCast Staff profoundcast podcast staff staff member; applied and accepted
Zine Staff profound zine staff staff member; applied and accepted
Tumblr-Helper ProfoundNet Tumblr staff staff member; applied and accepted
Wiki-Helper ProfoundBond Wiki staff staff member; applied and accepted


These roles are only for mods of the server. You can use these to alert a mod at any time.

Roles Description Users
Mod all mods
God owner cryptomoon
Angels admin hartless, spnhell, migglangelus
Prophets mods aleeliah, thatpeculiarone, leafzelindor, TobyTheWise, Kazshero, Sunny, Jemariel, PallasPerilous
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