In order to recommend a fic in the #fic-rec's channel, you must copy, paste, and follow the template below. If you do not, it's possible that a mod will either ask you to fix your post, or they will delete it. So please be sure to follow the template below.

**Words:** WORDCOUNT
:green_heart: SUMMARY 

Place recs in the #fic-rec channel using the above template. You can either copy/paste the template and replace the PLACEHOLDERS with the fic information, or manually add the correct formatting in yourself.
BE SURE not to replace the *'s or <> in the code while editing it.

  • Replace TITLE with the full title of the fic
  • Replace AUTHOR with the author's name as it appears on the fic.
  • Replace WORDCOUNT with the fic's wordcount.
  • Replace URL with the direct link to the fic. Make sure to leave the < and > intact.
  • Replace SUMMARY with a copy of the author's summary.
  • Replace COMMENTS/WARNING with a brief comment about why you rec'd the fic as well as any major tags and/or warnings.
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