Profoundrecs is the Profound Bond rec blog. The rec blog is run mainly by JJ, and is a place to collate both member and external fics.

Ad hoc posts: individual fic recs and reviews posted by the mods, and ask replies from anyone who is searching for a specific rec.

Weekly posts: a weekly round up of all the fics recced in the discord server that week, as well as a randomly selected spotlight on one of our members.

Fortnightly posts: themed rec lists featuring recs from all across the fandom.

Monthly posts: a review of the monthly DeanCas Classic Ficclub fic, as well as member comments from the discussion on the discord server, and a challenge round up of all the challenge fics posted by members over the month.

The link for the weekly spotlight can be found here, but entries are restricted to members of the discord only.

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