Creativity never stops, and we at the ProfoundBond Discord server work hard to ensure that the Supernatural fandom has access to all the fantastic content our members produce every month.

While we are fortunate to be part of such an active and enriching fandom ship such as Destiel, it's sometimes difficult for a new (or old) content creator to get their works out there. Helping creators highlight their latest creations is the goal of the Monthly Master-Post.

What it is

The ProfoundNet Monthly Masterpost is a collection of all ProfoundBond members Destiel fan creations done each month. Its purpose is to encourage, support, and spotlight the hard work and creativity of the members of the ProfoundBond Discord server. All member creations–not currently slated for fests, bangs or challenges–are welcomed and encouraged to submit for the Monthly Master-Post.


Find all the past masterposts here:

Year Month
2018 February


ProfoundNet Monthly Masterpost was the brainchild of retired Angel OsirisApollo. A small hiccup in the birth of such an undertaking, combined with an explosion of new members on the server led to the mod team missing the March 2018 post. In April 2018 the project was picked up by retired Angel Icarusinflight, who headed the project through August 2018. As of September 2018, the masterpost project is being handled collaboratively by the team, with Angels spnhell and hartless working in tandem with a talented group of prophets and helpers.

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