Old Updates

Update notes that are older than one year can be found here. For current update notes please refer to the update notes section of the ProfoundBots page.


Fixed a number of recs which were incorrectly added to the Sambot's rec command.


Ongoing Maintenance on Sam & Cas - 03/24 - 03/26
Due to instability with the server which hosts Sam & Cas, I am migrating them to Dean's server.  The process takes some time, but the boys will be back home soon.
   03/26 7:30am PST 
   - Cas is happily moved in with Dean. 
   - Sam is still resisting the new living arrangements and is currently back on his old server with some updates that will hopefully help his stability. We'll have to see.


- Some new Easter eggs
- Performance updates
- Added Arizona and Eastern Europe timezones
- Editors role is now self-assignable with the ?editor command
- Panties and Bees shouldn't trigger as often
- Sam shouldn't pop in to yell Good Morning at people talking about his brother's
dick in the crunchy channels anymore



Some quality of life improvements as well as back end updates. 
Work began on the 2.0 bots which are being rebuilt from 
the ground up. Updates to the boys' modules. 

Just lots and lots of boring stuff.


 The Good Stuff:
- Fixed ?tz to add the role again properly.
- Procrastinate and exorcism can now be directed at @mentioned users
- ?emo [emojiname] prints fullsize server emojis to the chat.
- deanlol, caslol, and deannosebleed emojis
- The list of roles is now called with ?Roles instead of just Roles. 
  It's more readable and up to date. Don't forget that '?'
- Updated ?Uptime to also show some other relevant stats 
  and set it to admin only 
- Mods now have the ?MemPurge command which works the same as ?Purge 
  but for the mentioned member's messages only (i.e. ?Purge @Crypto#7777)

Boring Stuff: 
- Sam no longer responds to "him" with a greeting.
- ?HelpRec has been combined with ?HelpMod.
- Normalized colors across Sam's embedded messages
- Cas's 'Cats' react doesn't return Null anymore
- Changed the way some of the auto-responses were
  coded to have them trigger more consistently   
- The link in ?timezones now goes to


Big Stuff: 
- ?timezones now accurately updates with DST
- Commands to add/remove roles for yourself. These roles include sprinter, 
  pronoun roles, and timezone roles.
- Rectemplate is now called with ?Rectemplate and gives an explanation along
  with the template. Don't forget the `?`.

Small Stuff: 
- Squished some misc bugs 
- May or may not have added a couple easter eggs
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