To celebrate the server reaching it's one year milestone we are throwing the PROFOUND BOND BIRTHDAY BASH which includes a Scavenger Hunt with a raffle and prizes.



  • Running dates: 21st - 27th Jan (midnight PST)
  • Mod AMA: Sunday 27th - 10am GMT & 10pm GMT

We will be running two ‘Ask Me Anything’ voicechat hours to allow for our members across the various time-zones to have a chance to join.

Submission form:

  • The form is limited to one item per form, so if you fill multiple items, you will need to submit multiple forms.
  • Please note that in order to submit a question for the AMA (Scavenger Item 11), you need to have filled another scavenger item. For every scavenger item you fill, you can submit one question via the same form. If any of your questions are answered during the AMA, you will receive a bonus ticket! (Max 3)
  • If you are collaborating on a prompt fill (Scavenger Item 6), please ensure both you and your collaborator fill out a submission form.


  • If you are posting an item on tumblr/pillowfort, please use the following tags: #profoundnet #pbbirthdaybash so that we can find and reblog your posts!

Scavenger Hunt Items

Scavenger Items Tickets
1. Create art for a fic 10 tickets
2. Create a fic for an art piece 3 tickets for every 500 words (Max 12 tickets per fic)
3. Create a rebloggable rec for a fic on either Tumblr and/or Pillowfort 3 ticket per rec - cannot be self-recs (Max 3 per day)
4. Rec fics on PB in #fic-recs using the standard format 2 ticket per rec - cannot be self-recs or WIPS (Max 8 ticket)
5. A well thought out comments on art and/or fic. 1 ticket per comment
6. Fill a prompt from the #prompts room on PB. (fic of at least 500 words) 10 tickets - minimum word count 1K

Bonus: collaborate with an artist to win them 10 tickets, and yourself a bonus one!

7. Write a ficlet for the latest pinned bot-stat in #server-challenges. 2 ticket for every 250 words (Max 8 tickets per fic)
8. Create an art piece or drabble for the latest pb100 prompt in #server-challenges. 5 ticket - (please note the pinned challenge guidelines! An hour maximum should be spent creating an art fill)
9. Create a fanvid inspired by a fic/art previously created by another member. 8 tickets
10. Make progress on your #profound-resolutions. Whether that be hitting the gym, participating in something new, or working towards a personal goal, we want to hear about it :) Even if it’s just the first steps! 3 ticket per resolution
11. Mod Voice Chat AMA - Submit a question via the scavenger hunt submission form. If it gets answered, you will get a ticket!   1 ticket per question (Max 3)
Hidden bot triggers. 1 per trigger found


  • Ficlet/Art piece from Hartless
  • Ficlet from JJ
  • Ficlet from Gem
  • Art commision from Migglangelus (2 characters, soft shading, no BG)
  • Fanvid from Jess
  • Ficlet/Art piece from LeafZelindor
  • Ficlet from TobyTheWise
  • Pillowfort Invites
  • One month free Discord Nitro
  • A custom Profound Bond t-shirt featuring art from Crypto
  • A custom bot response on the server 

Winners Decided by Random Generator

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