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There aren't many rules but they are important:

  • Fic length minimum is 500 words
  • Stick to the current exchange theme.
  • The exchange is Anonymous.
    • This means that until you post your final work you cannot disclose who you are gifting for.
    • You may, however, discuss your general ideas and ask for help.
    • If you have questions on this please speak to the current exchanges mod.
  • Respect peoples' squicks.
  • If you can't complete your ‘gift’, you must communicate this with a mod as soon as possible. We really don't want anybody disappointed.
    • If you do not communicate and do not post you will not be able to take part in future exchanges.
  • You can post on any platform you like, as long as it's in the posting window.
  • You must link to or tag your giftee so they can find their gift.
  • To see the current exchange and schedule please visit the Profound Bond ExchangeHomepage
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