The PB100 challenge is a drabble-writing challenge that is run weekly. Single word prompts are given as inspiration for drabbles. While it is encouraged to get the fic to fall exactly on a word count of 100, this rule is not enforced (like, at all), because the aim of the challenge is to encourage people to get creative and flex their writing muscles in whatever way works for them. Writers are free to fill as many or as few of the prompts as they would like, and can opt to be given the 'PB100' role in order to be alerted of new prompts.

2019 prompts
January Storm | Bunny | Fire | Coffee | Dolphin
February Letters | Roses | Folklore | Danger
March Towel | Stripper | Luck | Inferno
April Prank | Prophecy | Baby | Egg | Runaway
May Spirit | Ocean | Glass | Hunger
June Pride | Photograph | Competition | Roadtrip
July Moon | Craving | Graffiti | Undercover | Panic
August Heat | Hands | Read | Lock
September Spice | Soft | Crack | Bandage | Scent
October Forgotten | Wet | Tempt | Silence
November Ragequit | Memory | Cats | Roast
December Flurry | Shiver | Nutcracker | Gift | Hindsight
2020 prompts
January Beginnings | Butterfly
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