Please see also Discord Etiquette

Accepting Gifts

  • Acknowledge and thank the creator. Be kind, don't ignore the gift you've received.
  • A gift is not a commission. As long as any known squicks or triggers were not used, the gift should be accepted as is and is not up for con crit or discussion.


  • Adhere to Bang Rules. Do not discuss contents of your fic - or other fics - with anyone besides your beta.

Beta Reading

  • Ask the author what they would like you to look at specifically. Some people might just want you to look at spelling, some might ask you to look out for a whole range of stuff. If you start 'fixing' things beyond what the author has asked for, you are only going to upset them.
  • The author has the right to reject your suggestions. That is all they are, after all: suggestions. It is the author's call as to whether they want to implement your feedback, and if they don't that is something you have to accept.
  • Always be kind and constructive. This one speaks for itself, really.

Constructive Criticism

  • Only offer concrit if it has been explicitly asked for.
  • Be kind.

Creating Podfics/Translations of another person's work

  • You must have permission of the author to adapt their work as a podfic or into another language. If you don't get explicit permission, it's the same as a 'no'.

Commenting and bookmarking on AO3

  • Be kind. You have the option of not reading a fic so if it is not to your taste, move on. There is no need to comment on the fic regarding issues you had with it. An author does not owe you a response or acknowledgment of your comment and can delete it at their prerogative.
  • While comments can be deleted by authors, bookmarks cannot. Bookmarks can be made private if you want to keep personal notes.

Discussing fanworks in public spaces

  • Be kind. It is possible your words will get back to the author. Again, you have the option of not reading a fic so if it is not to your taste, move on.


  • There is no one way to fan. Be welcoming of all headcanons.


  • You should credit the prompter if you use their idea for a fic. It's generally good practice to gift the fic to the prompter if they're on Ao3, but it's not expected.


  • You should always reblog artwork under the creator's name. Do not save the artwork and repost on your own account. Especially without tagging the artist.

RPS and the Cast

  • Do not discuss approaching cast with RPS ideas for ops, sharing art or fic with them, etc.
  • Do not tag the cast with RPS ideas for ops, sharing art or fic with them, etc on public platforms.


  • Tagging is good practice. AO3 doesn't enforce tagging styles, but it's generally considered proper etiquette to use descriptive tags to aid in searches and tag anything which could be considered a trigger, and if opting not to tag the put potential triggers in end notes.
  • However, tagging IS optional. Readers should not complain or harass authors for not using specific tags. They can suggest nicely, but it is at the author's own discretion whether they'll use or amend the tags.
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