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Where do I post X?

  • General rule of thumb is if it requires it's own role, it goes to that room first. This is the order of role priority: RPS > Salty > Kinky > Multishipper. After that is confirmed, the question is if it has it's own room: Multifandom > The Gallery > Spoilers > Fic-Spoilers > Destiel-chat > Gish > Personal > etc. There is some leeway here as discussions overlap but prolonged discussions should move to the relevant room.
  • If it fits more than one role criteria or is a spoiler. If you have content that fits more than one category you should post in the priority shown but use spoiler tags

e.g. if it is NSFW and RPS or Salty you should post "NSFW Content" in the RPS channel or salt channels, likewise "S15 spoilers Content" in Multishipping.

Spoiler Usage

  • Trigger warnings must be used outside of spoilers. Do not spoiler single words or the trigger warning. Spoilers are for graphic content.
  • Spoilers on fics, episodes or other TV shows can be used. Please note outside the spoiler a general idea of the content, eg "S15 spoiler This is the spoiler."

Self moderating

  • Remove yourself from uncomfortable conversations. If you are uncomfortable with a conversation, move along to another channel and come back later. You do not need to announce your departure, unless you are part of the conversation. You should not try and derail the conversation.
  • Move yourself into the correct channel. If you notice you are in an off-topic conversation, feel free to move into the correct channel and invite the other members to join you there.

Backseat modding

  • Allow mods to redirect other members. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact an online Mod.

Blocking members/being blocked

  • It is okay to block members for your own mental health. Do not block any Mods.
  • If you have been blocked it is for the other member's sake. Do not harass the member to find out why. Members can establish their own boundaries.

Offering advice

  • Advice is not always desired. Please ask members first if they are open to hearing some advice or just venting. Please do not offer any medical advice that you are not qualified to administer.

Obsessive tagging

  • Do not constantly tag individual members.

Derailing Conversation

  • Do not constantly derail conversations.


  • Be Clear. Messages without a clear Destiel prompt will be removed.
  • No Chatter. Any thoughts or intentions regarding previous prompts should be discussed in #destiel-chat or #writers-cafe, not in the #prompts channel.


  • Use of slurs are not allowed on the server. We also request that when discussing omegaverse, A/B/O, A.B.O or Omegaverse is used and not abo.

Voice Chat

  • Mute your mic when not actively speaking.
  • Do not discuss triggering topics at all in Voice Chat
  • Do not constantly derail or talk over people.
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