The Bi-Weekly Bot Prompt, is a very casual challenge requested by the server members who want to be able to write about the ProfoundBond discord bot's status updates. Twice a month mod TobyTheWise will initiate a bot-stat and the bot-lovers will base their creation off this stat.

This is a very low key, for fun, server event. It's open to writers and artists. Please feel free to write/draw/paint/aesthetic something if you're inspired by the prompt. Work together, work on your own, take part one week, and not the next. Just keep on creating! Keep on loving those sweet, sweet bots.

If you are interested in taking part in this event, please request the role Bot-Lover in #cryptos-cubicle.

Guidelines / FAQ

General Guidelines:

  • All participants will be creating from the same pre-selected bot stat.
    • Check the pins in #server-challenges for the current stat.
  • All creation types are welcome
  • Fics should be no more than 1k
    • You won't be penalized for going over.
  • Preferably, the summary should include the bot stat you're writing about.
  • All ratings, warnings, and tropes are fair game.
  • Have Fun!


Can we collab?

  • Collaborations are welcome. Feel free to work together

What if I don't like / can't complete this week's bot-stat?

  • No problem, skip it and do the next one.
  • There is no penalty for skipping one, two, or twelve stats. Do one and not the next, NBD. This challenge is just for fun.

Are there tumblr tags or an AO3 collection?

Artflow 201804251453 1
The banner was created by FoxyMoley and inspired by Crypto's custom discord emoji's

AO3 Collection


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