Celina, also known as the Fluffy Insomniac, Mother of Cranes, Banshee, RedBanshee, or simply Red, can be found in *every single friggin' channel* of PB Discord because she is easily bored and requires entertainment at all times. :D

Resident of America's Finest City, San Diego, with three cats, a bunny, and the occasional mourning dove family nesting on her balcony.

Trekker, X-Phile, Browncoat, and SPNFamily Member in Good Standing, she has been involved in fandom in one form or another since High School, back in the Stone Age of the 80s.

Currently, she is an avid sword fighter and student of the Liechtenauer techniques for German Longsword for the past year and a half, in order to more accurately depict swordfighting for a longfic that she swears she'll finish some day. In the meantime, she's gonna beat up on like-minded folk with 3lbs of steel on regular occasions.

 Fandom Info

Favorite Characters

TFW 2.0, but especially partial to that Angel...


Destiel, Sabriel, Saileen

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